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Make The Right Hire With These Interview Tips

There comes a time during most staffing processes when the hiring team must decide between two excellent candidates. Both might boast an excellent skill set and relevant experience matching the needs detailed in the job description. However, without the extra insights provided by the interview, that final decision becomes a difficult proposition.

With a goal of choosing the right candidate for your open position, check out these helpful interview tips. Use these insights to ask the right questions providing a window into each candidate’s potential fit on your team. In the end, this approach ensures your company gets the highest return on its staffing process investment.

Use Standardized Questions to Better Rate Candidates

A standard line of questioning remains a critical aspect of scoring candidates accurately and without bias. Ask a few questions aimed at determining whether each candidate boasts the qualifications relevant to the open position. Combine these position-specific queries with other more general questions about the candidate.

Use those latter questions to rate each candidate’s potential fit with your organization’s culture. Remember that cultural fit plays a key role in being able to retain the new hire over time.

Connect With The Candidate to Help Them Relax

Some small talk as the interview begins serves nicely to make a connection with the candidate. This approach also helps them relax, ensuring they respond easily when questions probe into their professional background. Ultimately, you want the candidate to feel comfortable to get the best reading on their potential fit.

Open-Ended Questions Help Probe The Details of a Candidate’s Résumé

Using questions that result in a deep discussion offers many benefits to the interviewer. This line of questioning helps go into more detail on the contents of a candidate’s résumé. Probe deeply into areas where their skills and work experience closely match the requirements of your open position. At the same time, you truly get to see how well the candidate thinks and communicates when under pressure.

Find Out The Candidate’s Professional Goals

Of course, understanding the candidate’s professional goals also helps determine their potential fit with your organization. After all, a great candidate might be looking for an opportunity for a fast promotion. Companies offering little in the way of professional development might find their new hire quickly leaves for another business. This scenario greatly matters when deciding between two equally-qualified candidates.

Do You Need Help Finding Candidates?

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