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Is Posting Your Resume on TikTok a Good Idea?

A social media networks rapidly growing in reach, TikTok offers another resource for job seekers to post their resume. However, the network formed in China and as such continues to attract negative attention in regard to data privacy. At the same time, the service focuses on the sharing of video content, which raises a question. Do recruiters actually use the service to find candidates?

So, let’s take a closer look at TikTok’s new Resume service. We provide insights on whether or not it makes sense as part of your next job search. A few tips also help attract notice if you decide to use their new service for job seekers.

A Closer Look at TikTok Resumes

The TikTok Resumes tool provides candidates with a fun opportunity to create a catchy résumé to attract hiring managers. Notably after the tool launched, companies like Target and Chipotle encouraged candidates to use the service for entry-level jobs. So senior level technology professionals need not bother since other social networks – notably LinkedIn – focus more on higher-end jobs.

However, if you already enjoy an active presence on TikTok, it potentially provides another source for potential job leads. It offers a fun way to craft a resume able to attract significant attention. Additionally, using a video for your resume lets you express your personality more than with only words.

So, depending on your career path, this might be a valid option for you to explore. In fact, it makes sense for candidates hoping to land a position in creative, like marketing or social media.

Reasons to Avoid TikTok For Your Job Search

If you post a resume on TikTok with an active account, ensure all your previous posts are professional. Additionally, if a hiring manager suffers from bias – unconscious or not – they might immediately disqualify your candidacy. After all, your appearance and personality remain a focus during any video resume.

Also, if you lack the tools and skills to create a compelling video, a simple resume makes more sense. Crafting a professional-looking video resume takes an inordinate amount of time compared to a traditional resume. You also potentially limit the number of companies and hiring managers able to view your video CV.

TikTok Resume Tips

Be sure to practice before actually shooting your video. A great performance attracts more interest. As noted earlier, you also need the right tools to record and edit your video. Make sure your background looks professional and include visual representations of any awards you earned in your career.

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