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Helping Employee Parents Thrive at Work and Home

Many modern employers want to be known for helping employees achieve a proper work-life balance. This goal becomes even more difficult when considering staff members that also serve as parents. Providing these professionals the space to thrive at work and home must be a critical goal for your organization.

So let’s take a closer look at a few tips to support your employee parents in their home life. In a competitive market for talented IT professionals, a proactive approach to this issue pays dividends. Don’t let your best employees leave for other businesses offering a better balance of personal and professional lives.

Offer Perks Like Flexible Schedules and Telecommuting

In this era of The Great Resignation, companies struggle to retain their top employees, especially technical professionals. Many employers’ desire to return to the office, despite the high productivity of remote workers, exacerbated this problem. High-performing IT talent simply looks for other opportunities with organizations with forward-looking employment policies.

So your company needs to consider making remote working – at least part of the week – a permanent policy. At the same time, offer flexible scheduling as an option. This approach shows you truly care by giving parental employees the space they need to properly raise their children.

Provide Paid Parental Leave

The United States provides no form of paid parental leave, a rarity among developed nations across the globe. Employers must step in by providing this perk to both male and female employees. Many organizations understand this benefit remains a competitive differentiator among employers hoping to hire and retain talented professionals. As such, it’s another area where businesses need to support parental employees.

Include Generous Health Insurance Benefits

Health insurance is another consideration where employers must fill a gap because of no universal healthcare in America. Again, if your business wants to attract top-shelf professionals, a generous health insurance benefit is a must. Make sure this insurance also includes dental and vision, along with covering employees and their dependents.

Offer Childcare Benefits For Parent Employees

A monthly stipend for daycare and other childcare expenses also makes sense as part of your company’s benefits package. Working parents typically struggle with paying for preschool and similar forms of childcare. Advertise this perk on your website and in job ads to attract talented professionals with children.

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