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Strategies For Improving Your Manager-Employee Relationships

In a competitive environment for technology talent, companies now struggle to retain their top IT employees. The Great Resignation definitely influences this situation, as workers simply look for other opportunities when they become disgruntled. This places the onus on managers to forge meaningful relationships with their staff, lest the company retention rate suffers.

With a goal of improving employee morale, check out these tips on improving your company’s manager-employee relationships. Leverage these insights to ensure your organization retains its top talent in a difficult job market. It remains the best way to keep your business’s productivity level (and profitability) at its highest.

Build a Real Connection Between Employee and Employer

Studies show employees become more engaged when they feel truly connected to their employer. So managers need to take the lead role in fostering this kind of connection. A key part of this involves ensuring each employee understands the company’s mission, values, and vision.

In fact, highlighting all three during the hiring process helps your company hire candidates compatible with the company culture. Remember, cultural fit plays a crucial role in being able to retain your employees over the long haul.

Don’t Overwork Your Managers

Of course, managers play a key role in building healthy relationships with their direct reports, as noted earlier. However, when managers become overburdened, it becomes more difficult to forge these kinds of connections. As such, overworking your managerial team makes it more difficult for them to foster such a connection with employees.

Kenneth Matos, an HR director at Culture Amp, commented on this scenario. “I don’t think employees leave bad managers. I think they leave disempowered and burnt-out managers. Research says that as you get burned out, you treat people like inanimate objects,” said Matos.

HR Also Helps in Building Employee Connections

Additionally, while managers remain a critical piece of the employee connection puzzle, your HR team also matters. We previously mentioned about highlighting the company’s mission, values, and vision in job ads. Also leverage your onboarding process to help forge those crucial connections.

This is where your HR staff plays its own important role, ensuring new hires quickly feel welcomed and engaged. Once again, an effective onboarding process also makes it easier to retain your employees on a long-term basis.

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