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Ask These Smart Questions During Your Next Interview

During a job interview, you likely focus your preparation on answering with confidence questions about your skills and experience. However, expect the interviewer to give you the opportunity to ask a few questions of your own. As such, you also need to research the company so these queries provide insights into your potential new employer.

With a successful interview performance in mind, check out these insightful questions to ask when prompted by the interviewer. Use this opportunity to probe into the company’s culture, values, and future plans for growth. In a job market favoring candidates, this approach helps you make the right choice after receiving a job offer.

What Are Your Short-Term Goals for me in this Position?

This question shows your excitement for this potential opportunity and your eagerness to get started. The top companies boast a well-defined onboarding process with a focus on getting new hires quickly engaged. So expect a detailed response that highlights a proactive manager helping you become productive. In fact, this question serves as a great differentiator when deciding between job competitive job offers.

What Metrics do you use to Measure Employee Performance?

Another great question to ask, especially if you work in technology. Modern companies typically leverage a host of metrics to measure performance of project teams and individual employees. It becomes important to know in detail how your new employer tracks your overall efficiency. Understanding this information ahead of time helps you make an informed decision on a potential job offer.

What Software Development Methodology do you Use?

If interviewing for a developer position, you want to work for a company leveraging a modern software development methodology. Agile and variants like Scrum or Lean Startup help organizations craft software with higher efficiency compared to older methodologies. If you want to work for a state of the art software shop, this question becomes critical.

What Professional Development Opportunities do you Provide?

Another crucial question that highlights an important perk for the modern employee: professional development. You probably want to work for an organization with a robust training program that helps employees regularly learn new skills. Additionally, tuition reimbursement as a benefit provides the means to earn an advanced degree, taking your career into overdrive. Again, a detailed answer to this question with tangible examples makes it easier to accept a potential job offer.

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