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Building a Strong Cybersecurity Training Program For Employees

The demand for experienced cybersecurity professionals remains at a near historical high. At the same time, the tech industry currently suffers from an acute shortage of talented professionals with SecOps expertise. This situation requires companies to ensure its own employees receive sufficient training to help protect the corporate IT infrastructure.

Part of the reason for this increased focus on cybersecurity training relates to the increased adoption of remote working. Now, each remote employee’s home network resides on their company’s network perimeter, making them attractive targets for cybercriminals. So let’s look more closely at building a cybersecurity training program to raise cyber awareness among your staff. Protecting your organization’s technical assets depends on it.

Tips For Creating Your Company’s Cybersecurity Training Program

Any meaningful SecOps training program for employees needs to be part of your company’s onboarding process. It highlights the importance of information security at your company. A continuously evolving program also helps your business build a culture focused on cybersecurity.

Studies reveal that human error ranks near the top on the list of the causes of security breaches. When it comes to your employees, you need to ensure they fully understand the variety of attack vectors used by hackers. This knowledge helps them recognize these techniques as they perform their normal work duties each and every day.

So make sure your company’s cybersecurity training program provides information on recognizing suspicious emails. Links in phishing emails typically cause ransomware or other viruses to infect your entire network as they propagate. This knowledge also becomes critical on mobile devices used to access Cloud-based corporate technical resources. Your company also needs a robust mobile device management (MDM) program providing secure access to your company’s IT assets.

Other critical cybersecurity knowledge for each employee includes understanding how to create strong passwords and multi-factor authentication. These techniques play a key role in securing entry points to your corporate network. It becomes especially important with remote working now commonplace.

Protecting The Home Networks of Remote Employees Becomes Critical

As noted earlier, the advent of remote working creates a host of new targets for cyber-crime. Your employees need to leverage their password hygiene training to protect their router and their entire home network. Remember, since these employees access your company’s Cloud IT infrastructure, they are effectively part of your corporate network. In the end, employee cybersecurity awareness it now a critical IT function for nearly all businesses.

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