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Staying Safe From The Most Common Cybersecurity Attacks

Stories about cybercrime hit the newswires on a weekly basis, partially due to an industry shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Remote working now being commonplace also plays an important role, as hackers find home networks to be attractive targets. Ultimately, this scenario requires every employee to increase their own awareness of the cyberattack techniques currently in vogue.

With a goal of keeping you safe from unethical hackers, check out these insights on increasing your cyber awareness. Learn how to secure your home network and mobile device used for working remotely. In the end, this knowledge helps protect both your personal network assets as well as those of your employer.

Common Cyber Attack Types

Be aware of the most common types of cybersecurity attacks. Ransomware and other viruses typically get installed after accessing a suspicious URL or when present on a network. Malware operates in a similar fashion. Phishing emails also represent a common cyberattack; we go into more detail about them in the next section.

Know How to Recognize Suspicious Emails

As noted above, you probably understand phishing emails remain a regular attack vector used by hackers. Clicking on links in these emails typically installs ransomware or some other virus on your smartphone or computer. Over time, most users grew to recognize obvious phishing attempts.

However, cybercriminals continue to improve the believability of these kinds of emails. Sometimes, they mimic the logos and other graphics used by your bank, credit card company, or online retailer. So, remain vigilant when clicking on links in any email you receive. Pay close attention to the actual URLs and take note of any spelling or grammatical errors. If in doubt, just delete the email.

Strong Passwords and Multifactor Authentication are a Must

You also need to know how to create strong passwords and use multifactor authentication whenever available. Follow this advice for your home network and Wi-Fi router. If you work from home, cybercriminals think you’re an easy target to gain access to your company’s IT infrastructure. Also leverage any advice provided by your IT team to secure your home network.

In a similar manner, also follow password hygiene when using your smartphone when on the go. Especially stay vigilant if using a public Wi-Fi network, as hackers tend to snoop on these widely available services. Follow your employer’s mobile device management (MDM) policy if relevant.

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