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Strategies For Increasing Employee Motivation

Keeping your employees engaged and productive remains a critical goal for any technology manager. However, motivating your staff requires an increasingly deft hand when considering the recent adoption of remote working. A measure of trust definitely helps in this case, but a few more proactive strategies also provide tangible results.

So let’s take a closer look at a few insights on improving employee motivation at your business. Leverage this advice to keep your team members inspired and focused whether working from home or in the office. In the end, forging a culture based on engagement ensures your business stays successful now and in the future.

Create a Culture Focused on Teamwork and Collaboration

Employees become more motivated when they feel part of an experienced team focused on collaboration. They understand their managers remain open to opinions from the entire team, and that they appreciate everyone’s hard work. This teamwork-based strategy continues to be a major reason for the popularity of DevOps throughout the IT world.

As such, managers need to take a proactive approach in establishing a company culture focused on teamwork and collaboration. For example, software development shops need to consider adopting Agile or one of its variants. Adopting this methodology keeps programmers engaged throughout any difficult project.

Provide Meaningful Professional Development Opportunities

Providing your staff with a career path towards success also helps keep them inspired. Part of this approach includes providing significant professional development opportunities. This includes a robust training problem focused on earning certifications relevant to their career.

Also offer tuition reimbursement as a benefit to encourage employees to further their education. Requiring employees agree to stay with your company after receiving assistance also directly improves your retention rate. Finally, recognize top performers with leadership potential by offering them increased responsibility.

Make Remote Workers Truly Feel Part of The Team

As noted earlier, the increase in remote working adds to the difficulty in keeping these employees sufficiently engaged. Holding daily or weekly video conferences with the entire team helps improve inspiration and productivity. Additionally, your managers need to regularly meet with each remote employee on a one-to-one basis. Use this time to set achievable goals while tracking each employee’s progress towards meeting them.

Finally, an open communication policy combines with these regular meetings to help improve remote worker motivation and engagement. Keeping employee morale high also boosts your company’s retention rate, which is increasingly crucial during The Great Resignation.

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