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How to Prepare For Competency-Based Interview Questions

When getting ready for an interview, you need to spend significant time reviewing your tech skills and experience. Part of this preparation includes the potential for competency-based interview questions, especially for a technical interview. Of course, any technology professional understands the need for a potential employer to vet their IT abilities and knowledge.

Let’s look more closely at how to best prepare for these kinds of interview questions. Use these insights to inform your studying and interview practice efforts. After all, the interview gives you the chance to show off your knowledge and practical experience. Expect to give a performance that results in receiving a job offer!

Analyze The Skill Inventory Detailed on Your Resume

Your resume probably details your relevant technical skills as well as the experience putting them to use. So, pay close attention to the specific tech requirements for the open position for which you are interviewing. Take notes identifying how you used each relevant skill for previous employers. This additional effort ensures you answer clearly and confidently when asked about each ability.

Provide Tangible Examples From Throughout Your Career

Instead of only focusing on your most recent job, provide examples throughout your work history when answering these questions. Taking this approach reveals your well-rounded experience as a technical professional. Again, focus on the tangible impacts you made for previous employers. Take notes, including facts and figures, and use them to add some depth to your answers.

When asked these kinds of open-ended questions, use this opportunity to go into more detail. Even include examples from your education or personal life if relevant to their open position. You want to show the company in question that you are the right person for the job. Providing as many examples as possible of your positive impact increases your chances of receiving that coveted job offer.

Leverage The STAR Technique For More Effective Answers

Of course, open-ended competency-based questions might lead to overly long answers. You never want to bore the interviewer, so use the STAR technique for structuring your responses. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. So, when taking notes during interview preparation, use the acronym to identify each part of your answer. This ensures you keep the interviewer engaged throughout your response, no matter how long it takes!

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