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Engineering Resume Dos and Don’ts

When searching for a lucrative new engineering job, crafting a compelling résumé remains an important part of the process. Note that some companies need to peruse potentially hundreds of candidates whenever they post an open position. Because of this, HR managers rely on a clear and concise CV to quickly vet someone’s skills and experience.

With a goal of earning a coveted interview, here are some tips on crafting a top-shelf engineering résumé. We cover what to include on your CV and what to avoid if you want that job offer. Leverage these insights to keep your engineering career path always headed upwards.

Ensure Your Resume is Error Free

Engineering remains an exacting profession, no matter the specific discipline. A software engineer writing a bug-laden program or an electronic engineer designing a non-functional circuit result in failure. So, any errors on your resume are likely to end up with you not being considered for an interview.

So make sure you spend extra time proofreading your resume before submitting it. Of course, you need to find any spelling or grammatical errors. Don’t trust your word processing application in this scenario. Also have a friend or mentor with sharp English skills to give your résumé an extra set of eyes.

Avoid Negativity When Detailing Your Professional Experience

You need to keep your resume positive and focused on your career successes. Never include any negative opinions about previous employers or managers. This same rule also applies whenever you are interviewing.

Instead, focus on the tangible impacts you made throughout your career. Providing facts and figures attracts the interest of hiring managers, raising your chances of earning an interview.

Leverage Keywords to Improve Your Resume’s SEO

Nearly all recruiters search for potential candidates online. Because of this, you need to pepper the virtual version of your resume with the hottest engineering keywords. Adopting this approach ultimately improves the SEO (search engine optimization) of your CV. Simply stated, it makes it easier for interested recruiters to find you.

Never Make Your Resume Too Long

Remember what we said about hiring managers needing to peruse potentially hundreds of resumes for any open position. Because of this, try to keep your résumé to only one page. Use a second page only if your work history warrants it. Clear, concise, and easy to read needs to be your focus.

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