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5 Workplace Appreciation Languages

In this era of The Great Resignation, companies need to show employees that they truly care about their well-being. After all, keeping employee morale and engagement as high as possible improves productivity and ensures a healthy retention rate. Also, the current strong demand for tech professionals requires businesses to strive to avoid losing workers to another organization.

Notably, the principles of the 5 Love Languages framework provide benefits to managers looking to improve employee engagement. With a recent study showing 60 percent of all workers feel unappreciated, taking a proactive approach becomes critical. So let’s look at how applying the 5 Love Languages helps improve employee morale when it matters most.

1. Offer Timely Feedback in the Form of an Affirmation

Employees want to hear words of affirmation whenever they do a great job. So don’t wait until an annual review to provide positive feedback to your staff. Instead, offer timely and specific affirmations when someone simply does a great job on a project. This approach applies to both individual employees as well as the entire project team.

2. Give Your Employees the Benefit of Your Time

Quality time is another Love Language that easily applies to the workplace. Managers need to hold periodic one-to-one meetings with each of their direct reports. This proactive approach becomes even more critical during this era of remote working. It shows your staff that you regularly make time for them, keeping their engagement levels as high as yours!

3. Acts of Service Improve the Company’s Culture

The modern employee increasingly wants to work for an organization active in their community. These acts of service help forge a company culture known for charity that goes beyond the bottom line. More importantly, understanding this cultural approach makes it easier to attract the talented professionals your business needs for success.

4. Provide Tangible Examples of Your Support

Of course, your company likely pays its staff generous wages with a robust benefits package. Still, go the extra mile by offering tangible gifts to your team throughout the year. A simple team lunch after achieving a crucial project milestone provides one example. An extra Holiday bonus with a gift card or extra PTO also helps.

5. Respect Boundaries When it Comes to Physical Touch

While appropriate physical touch remains one of the five Love Languages, managers need to respect boundaries in this area. Never assume any employee feels comfortable with physical contact from a superior. Instead, focus on leveraging the other four languages in the workplace.

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