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How to Get Your Workforce More Engaged

Keeping your employees inspired and productive remains a critical goal for any manager – no matter the industry. However, many workers suffer from an acute lack of engagement in their current position. Notably, a recent study revealed that only one in five workers (21 percent) feel highly engaged when on the job. This level of disengagement costs U.S. companies nearly $550 billion annually.

With the goal of improving the productivity and profitability of your business, check out these tips on employee engagement. Leverage the helpful insights within to ensure your employees stay focused at work. In the end, managing a group of engaged and inspired workers bodes well for the success of any organization.

An Open Communication Policy is a Must

Employees tend to thrive when they understand their managers genuinely care about their opinions. An open communication policy helps to foster this kind of engagement from your staff. Encourage everyone to speak up with concerns, questions, or even ideas for operational improvements.

Ensure your company provides the right technology to foster transparent communication among your staff. Collaboration tools like Slack and others work well for this purpose, as well as plain old email and messaging. Also, consider something for any team members that primarily work away from their desks.

Set Clearly Defined Goals and The Means to Track Progress

Having tangible goals serves to incentivize employees to give their best effort. Of course, rewarding them for achieving these goals definitely helps boost engagement. At the same time, be sure to regularly check each employee’s progress toward meeting their assigned goals. Importantly – don’t wait until an annual performance review to provide meaningful feedback.

Recognize The Accomplishments of Your Employees

As noted above, you need to reward your employees for a job well done. These bonuses go beyond their salary. A gift card after completing a complex project definitely inspires their engagement and future performance. Additionally, host a celebratory lunch with the entire project team to foster a sense of accomplishment and teamwork.

Provide Meaningful Professional Development Opportunities

Another great way to inspire employee engagement involves providing a meaningful professional development program. Include training opportunities with technical certifications where relevant. Also, offer tuition reimbursement for employees to earn a degree (advanced or not). Requiring anyone receiving tuition assistance to stay with your organization for a period of time improves your retention rate.

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