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Know How to Answer These Administrative Assistant Interview Questions

So your top-shelf résumé attracted an interested hiring manager, resulting in an upcoming interview for an administrative assistant position. You now need exemplary performance for the best chance at earning a job offer. This requires spending time in preparation and practice to ensure you stand out from the other candidates.

Part of preparing for an interview includes practicing your answers to common questions the interviewer might ask. This extra effort ensures you answer confidently without stumbling over your responses. So check out this list of typical administrative interview questions to get yourself ready for the big day.

How do You Handle Receiving Two High-Priority Tasks at the Same Time?

Administrative assistants sometimes work for multiple managers. As such, you might receive two high-priority tasks from two managers at the same time. Managing this scenario requires a bit of diplomacy and the ability to prioritize.

If encountering a situation like this earlier in your career, reference it during your answer. Also, take into account the length and overall difficulty of each task. Remember, being able to multitask remains a critical skill for any administrative assistant. So make sure your answer ultimately takes that into account.

What is Your Top Strength as an Administrative Assistant?

Hiring managers want to understand your top skills as an administrative assistant. So be sure to think about this question when reviewing your résumé before the interview. Once again, you want to answer the interviewer’s question clearly and confidently.

Of course, choosing what skill to highlight also matters. For example, companies want administrative professionals with good listening skills and an affinity for technology. Keep this in mind if either ability applies to you.

How do You Stay Organized?

Organization is another critical skill for any administrative assistant, so be prepared to answer a few questions on this topic. Again, this is an area where being well-versed in technology informs your answer. Note that using a calendar app on the desktop or smartphone serves to help you stay organized. In short, provide the interviewer with tangible details on your organizational approach.

Describe How You Manage Critical Deadlines

This question covers a similar area as the juggling multiple priorities example mentioned earlier. Any administrative assistant sometimes faces a crucial deadline. Being able to work under pressure without getting flustered identifies someone companies want to hire. So be sure to describe your history of managing deadlines throughout your career.

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