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How One-on-One Meetings Improve Employee Motivation

Keeping your staff engaged and inspired remains an important task for any manager, no matter the industry. This critical duty recently became more difficult with the transition to the remote or hybrid employment model. Notably, maintaining open communication channels with regular meetings ultimately plays a key role in fostering engagement.

So let’s look more specifically at the benefits of one-to-one meetings between employees and their managers. Leverage this information to keep your team’s productivity level high, whatever the location of each employee. In the end, taking this proactive approach plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of any modern business.

One-on-One Meetings Drive Employee Engagement

A recent study from Gallup reveals the importance of holding regular one-on-one meetings with your direct reports. The Gallup report notes employees with regular personal meetings become engaged three times as much as other workers. However, another survey mentioned that less than half of all managers hold one-to-one meetings with employees. Considering the critical nature of employee motivation in this era of hybrid work, these regular connections become vital.

Personal meetings serve as an opportunity to provide timely feedback to your direct reports. Additionally, you also need to be open to each employee’s opinions on company operations or even your own performance. Knowing their insights matter becomes a key factor in improving their engagement. This proactive managerial approach also serves to improve your company’s retention rate – which is important in a challenging job market.

Use These Questions During Personal Employee Meetings

When meeting with individual employees, asking the right questions makes the time spent more valuable for both of you. For example, simply asking how they are doing serves as a great meeting opener. It lets them provide insights into their overall mood both at work and in their home life. This approach also makes it easier to build a connection between manager and employee.

Also, ask them if they need any support from you or even the other members of their project team. This type of query provides a window into their progress on current projects and other work-related activities. It also keeps you in the loop regarding the pulse of your organization.

Additionally, you need to spend time discussing the employee’s short-term and long-term goals. Remember the importance of providing professional development resources to your entire team. This benefit also plays a key role in improving your company’s retention rate.

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