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How to Become a Recession-Proof Worker

With a recession potentially looming in the upcoming year, you naturally might worry about losing your job. However, no matter the economic situation, you always have the opportunity to make yourself too valuable to be laid off. Taking a proactive approach to your professional life ensures your career always stays on the right track.

So let’s take a closer look at a few ideas for becoming a recession-proof employee. Leverage these tips to increase your worth in your current job or potentially for a different employer. Once again, staying engaged throughout your career remains the best strategy for maintaining a lucrative profession.

Keep Your Skills up to Date

When you boast tangible abilities with the latest business innovations, you simply become more valuable to your employer. So if your company provides significant professional development opportunities, be sure to take advantage of them. Assume your managers pay close attention to whether or not an employee is proactive about learning new skills.

These professional opportunities include any training programs in addition to a tuition reimbursement benefit. For example, if the company just paid for you to earn an advanced degree, your chances of being laid-off decrease. The same rule applies to the latest professional certifications.

Flexible Employees are More Valuable to Employers

If you boast professional skills that are also transferable, it simply makes you a more valuable employee. Most companies want employees willing to help out where needed, especially during a recession. So being flexible at work remains a great way to recession-proof your current job and your career.

Soft Skills Help Recession-Proof Your Career

Companies in multiple business sectors increasingly value employees with a strong collection of soft skills. This even applies to technology professionals boasting a robust array of technical abilities. Some of the most valuable soft skills in modern business include: communication, leadership, problem-solving, and time management.

Of course, flexible employees are also highly valuable to businesses, as noted earlier. Additionally, soft skills tend to be highly transferable as well. They ultimately remain a great way to prevent being laid off during a recession.

Don’t Forget Technology Skills!

Even if you aren’t a technology professional, being highly skilled with modern tech innovations differentiates you from coworkers. For example, employers value workers becoming experts in modern collaboration software like Slack and Asana. As highlighted above, take advantage of any professional training opportunities in this area. Someday, it just might save your job.

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