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How Will AI Impact Your Company and Employees’ Productivity?

AI continues to make a transformative impact on businesses in multiple industry sectors. It boasts the potential to boost productivity by automating a wide range of tasks performed by humans. While many pundits focus on automation replacing employees, it actually provides the opportunity to make them more valuable workers.

So let’s take a high-level overview of AI in the business world. With ChatGPT especially generating a lot of buzz, the topic continues to grow in importance for modern business. Leverage this information to begin planning for adopting AI to make your company more efficient and profitable.

A Simple Definition of Artificial Intelligence

AI remains a broad topic with multiple areas that impact the business world, like machine learning or deep learning. Simply stated, AI allows businesses to automate a host of functions typically performed by humans. They range from a customer service chatbot to automated securities trading powered by a machine learning model.

It helps businesses improve productivity by allowing humans to focus on more value-added tasks. With the automated securities trading example, financial professionals gain the time to better serve clients on a personal basis. In short, this form of automation greatly improves the operational efficiency of businesses.

Intriguing AI Use-Cases for the Modern Business

Needless to say, AI and machine learning facilitate much of the current digital transformation impacting the modern economy. Here are a few interesting use cases for the technology to inspire your own business to leverage the promise of AI.

Machine Learning Models

Machine learning models make it easier to glean actionable information from a company’s data assets. Social media, eCommerce, and even the IoT generate a massive amount of data. Finding those needles in this haystack far outstrips the resource of human data analysts – unless they leverage machine learning. It makes your data employees more valuable, helping to foster data-driven decision-making for modern businesses.


Another interesting use case involves using deep learning to detect abnormal network activity on your business’s IT infrastructure. Once again, this approach frees up your cybersecurity team to mitigate any problems when they happen. Expect fewer false alerts and a more productive SecOps team as a result.


Additionally, if your company uses a CRM suite like Salesforce, AI automates many of the application’s data management tasks. Once again, this allows your employees to focus more on generating new sales or client retention. In short, leveraging AI futureproofs your business operations, making it more competitive and profitable.

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