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What Are Top Candidates Looking For In A Company?

Even with a potential recession looming around the corner, the current job market remains one favoring candidate. This is especially the case with certain technology roles, like software developers and cybersecurity engineers. As such, companies struggle to successfully hire the professionals they need, wasting significant time and resources in the process.

Understanding what modern candidates want in an employer ultimately helps your organization meet its needs. It goes beyond a lucrative salary and benefits package, although those play a critical role in having any job offer accepted. So leverage these insights to make your business’s staffing process more successful and cost-effective.

A Robust Health Insurance Plan

In the wake of COVID-19, professionals naturally worry more about their mental and physical well-being. Expect those concerns to become even more important when they also have a family. Because of this, they increasingly depend on a high-quality health insurance plan provided by their employer.

Provide your employees with a flexible plan that allows them to tailor coverage options based on their specific needs. This includes single employees, the newly married, and those workers with full families. Also, offer wellness programs for those who want to take a proactive approach to their physical and mental health.

The Means to Balance Their Personal and Professional Lives

Today’s employee wants a strong balance between their personal and professional lives. Certain benefits, like flexible scheduling, provide them with a way to achieve this goal. If relevant to your business, the ability to work from home also helps. Note that many workers maintain or exceed their in-office productivity levels when remote working.

Meaningful Professional Development Opportunities

Professional development remains an important perk successful businesses offer to their staff. This includes a robust training program focusing on earning certifications relevant to their career, especially for your technology employees. This approach futureproofs your organization while preventing any skills gap from hampering your operations.

At the same time, offer tuition reimbursement to employees looking to further their education. This applies to both advanced degrees as well as continuing education programs. Requiring employees to stay with your company for a period after receiving assistance also improves your retention rate. In the end, it plays a key role in building a company culture focused on upskilling and educational excellence.

Looking For New Talent?

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