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Cracking The Interview Code

Sure, a great résumé serves as your calling card, but exemplary interview performances ultimately earn you that job offer. You need to be well-rehearsed, focused, and confident to have the best chance at impressing the interviewer. It requires significant practice and preparation, ensuring you stand ready to answer questions clearly and in detail.

With a goal of landing the job of your dreams, check out this helpful advice on interview preparation. We focus on how to leave a lasting impression on the hiring manager, resulting in a lucrative offer. Use these insights to keep your career on a constant path to success.

Preparation Plays a Crucial Role in Any Successful Interview

Obviously, having any chance of a successful interview requires you to spend significant time in preparation. You need to closely review the job description, paying attention to the required skills and experience. Expect to be asked open-ended questions on how well your background matches the company’s needs expressed in their ad.

Studying your résumé beforehand keeps this information at the forefront of your mind,  helping you answer with confidence. Also, research the company with whom you are interviewing. This information lets you ask meaningful questions when prompted by the interviewer. Remember that cultural fit influences your eventual success in this role, so a question on that topic makes sense.

Practice Your Interviewing Techniques

Interview practice also plays a crucial role in any successful performance. Have a trusted colleague serve as the interviewer during these practice sessions. They need to focus on the areas we discussed previously, especially your fit for the current position.

During the rehearsal interview, work on speaking clearly and confidently while making natural eye contact. Also, focus on positive body language: never slouch or fidget if you want to make a good impression. In the end, even gestures like the proverbial firm handshake matter.

Show Your Gratitude as The Interview Ends

As the interview finishes, be sure to thank the interviewer for the opportunity to chat about their open position. Use this time to restate your strong interest in the role and the positive impact you hope to make.

Also, get their contact information, preferably an email address, if you don’t already have it. Use it to thank them again for the interview opportunity. However, don’t pester them about a final hiring decision. An email about a week afterward works fine if you haven’t heard anything.

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