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Strategies For Entry-Level Candidates Entering The Scientific Field

If you are interested in forging a career in the scientific field, having a detailed plan definitely helps. It needs to include crafting a clear and concise résumé as well as building a strong professional network. Additionally, spending time researching interesting companies where you make a great fit definitely helps build confidence.

Here are a few strategies and ideas for embarking on your first job search in the world of science and STEM. Leverage this advice to find a great new position as quickly as possible. It just might be the beginning of a rewarding career lasting until your retirement day.

Leverage Other Opportunities to Gain Experience

Naturally, entry-level candidates typically lack the tangible experience to attract a majority of companies in the scientific arena. This situation ultimately becomes a conundrum, as gaining meaningful experience requires earning your first post-graduate job offer. Because of this, you need to adopt an alternative approach to start building your work history.

Take advantage of any available internship opportunities in the scientific field you plan on targeting in your career. Your college department head and career counselors provide a resource for finding potential internships. Reach out to companies that interest you as a potential employer to see about becoming an intern. Note that some companies accept recent graduates as interns.

Start Building Your STEM Professional Network

A robust professional network pays dividends throughout your career. In fact, use your internship to begin adding colleagues to your network. Industry conferences and social events also provide a chance to meet others currently working in your field. Consider joining a professional organization as another networking opportunity.

Additionally, be sure to leverage any online networking resources. For example, find any LinkedIn Groups related to your scientific field. They provide another great way to connect with colleagues on a similar career path. Ultimately, a strong network provides a great resource for learning about new job openings in your areas of interest.

Craft a Concise Résumé That Highlights Your Skills and Experience

Of course, a clear and concise résumé remains a critical part of any job search in the scientific industry. As a new graduate, you need to emphasize your skill set and educational performance instead of your work history. Also, highlight any internship experience or lab work in college that matches what the company wants in a candidate. Taking this approach increases your chances of getting noticed by hiring managers.

Need To Hire?

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