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Behavioral Interview Questions: Unveiling Candidates’ Performance

The interview provides your company with the best chance to truly vet a candidate’s fit for its open position. As such, your interviewers need to use open-ended behavioral questions to provide real insights into a candidate’s overall quality. These queries also serve to explore their ability to communicate verbally when in a pressure-packed situation.

Let’s take a closer look at a few behavioral questions worth using during an interview. Use these insights to inform a set of open-ended queries providing the best possible view into a candidate. In the end, expect to make a more informed hiring decision.

Describe a Complex Problem You Solved for a Previous Employer

Problem-solving remains a critical soft skill companies want in their employees. Asking a question like this provides insights into how they approach dealing with adversity on the job. When interviewing candidates for a technology position, it provides a window into their technical experience as well.

How did You Handle a Big Mistake You Made on the Job?

An ability to take ownership of and learn from their own mistakes identifies an emotionally mature professional. So be sure to use a question like this during an interview. Pay close attention to whether or not they blame others in their answer. That might serve as a red flag when scoring the candidates for your open position.

Describe Your Process When Learning Something New

Modern employees want to work for companies known for a strong professional development program. A question like this probes into the candidate’s ability to learn new things quickly. Consider awarding a bonus point if they ask about your company’s training and development approach as a follow-up.

Talk About a Time When You Were Under Significant Pressure at Work

An ability to thrive when under pressure remains a highly desirable attribute employers look for in candidates. While the interview definitely serves as a pressure-packed situation, questions like these focus on their work performance. Look for an affinity for teamwork and collaboration within their answer. This is also a topic worthy of discussing with the candidate’s references.

How do You Handle Conflicts When on the Job?

Handling conflicts effectively and without anger becomes critical at any business relying on teamwork. This open-ended interview question offers a view into the candidate’s approach to conflict resolution. As such, it provides a useful view into how well they function as part of a team.

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