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Navigating The Accounting and Finance Job Market

Despite rumors of an impending recession, intriguing job opportunities abound in the accounting and financial world. Driven by the FinTech revolution, companies in this sector want candidates with an affinity for the latest technology innovations. Additionally, the demand for experienced accountants, financial analysts, and controllers remains strong, making it easy to find new jobs.

With a goal of finding a great financial gig, here’s some advice on the accounting and finance job market. Leverage this information to better understand what it takes to qualify for these positions. Perhaps a rewarding career path that results in a CFO role lies in your future?

The Job Market For Accounting and Finance Continues to Expand

As highlighted above, the accounting and finance job market outperforms the average. In fact, a recent study noted unemployment rates for the top financial job roles remain much lower than in other sectors. For example, unemployment for financial analysts is 0.9 percent, while the rate for accountants is 1.7 percent.

The same study queried hiring managers on the nature of the financial positions they are trying to fill. Notably, 62 percent reported they hope to fill new roles, with 34 percent hiring for vacancies. The fact that 89 percent reported difficulty in finding skilled financial talent also highlights the strong demand within this sector.

Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts the demand for accountants to grow by 6 percent through 2031. Take into account all this positive data if you are considering an accounting or financial career.

Companies Increasingly Want Financial Specialists

While the basic duties of an accountant, controller, or financial analyst remain largely the same, businesses also want other skills. We already talked about the importance of technology experience, considering the FinTech revolution. Notably, skills in data analysis, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance identify the ideal candidates. Of course, soft skills also matter, like communication, problem-solving, and an affinity for teamwork.

Technology professionals considering a change in their career path need to explore finding work in finance. Current financial analyst positions increasingly leverage data analytics and machine learning. So experience in these areas definitely makes you attractive to companies.

Also, consider earning a certification in accounting or financial analysis to ready yourself for a transition into finance. The explosion of FinTech definitely contributes to the strong demand for talent in this sector.

Looking For a New Accounting or Finance Job?

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