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Strategies for Motivating Your Workforce Throughout The Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching, you need to consider how to celebrate with your workers while staying productive. Keeping your team inspired, motivated, and focused on work naturally becomes challenging at this time of the year. However, maintaining high productivity levels over these last few months greatly influences the ultimate success of your organization.

Here are a few tips and insights on how to sufficiently motivate your workers during the holidays. Use this advice to properly highlight this time of the year while also staying professionally engaged at work. In the end, expect to keep employee morale as high as possible into the new year.

Use The Holidays to Recognize Employee Accomplishments

While your company needs to celebrate employee achievements throughout the year, be sure to recognize them during the holidays. During this time, the business benefits more from that extra boost in employee engagement, improving productivity. Also use this season for a holiday party where you award annual bonuses.

Hosting this party towards the middle of December serves to incent exceptional performances from your team. Expect employees to work harder during the holiday season to ensure they receive a nice bonus. In addition to salary-related financial awards, consider gift cards and extra PTO as extra benefits.

Set Tangible Goals to Drive Employee Performance

In tandem with the previous idea, use goal setting as another opportunity to boost employee productivity during the holiday season. In fact, tying achievement of those goals to earning bonuses, like PTO or a gift card, also helps with engagement. This gamification-like approach to the holidays provides a great opportunity to improve both productivity and employee morale. It also provides an intriguing way to build better relationships between team members.

Hold regular meetings to track progress towards these special goals. These get-togethers also serve to support a company culture focused on transparent communication. This remains another important factor in boosting employee engagement throughout the year.

Ensure Employees Take Time Off During The Season

Many employees fail to use all their PTO before the end of the year. While this might provide a short-term benefit to your business, also consider the overall well-being of your staff. Encouraging everyone to take sufficient time off to celebrate the holidays keeps morale at a high level. It lets your team recharge their batteries while still achieving any holiday season goals for your business.

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