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Upskilling Your Workforce: Keeping Pace With Technology Advancements

Any company that relies on technology needs a workforce with a strong affinity for the latest IT innovations. This requires managers to adopt a proactive approach to professional development, ensuring your team has the skills to succeed. Regularly upskilling your employees’ abilities also improves their morale while providing a boost to your retention rate.

With a goal of keeping your staff engaged with current tech skills, check out these insights on professional development. It remains a wise strategy to ensure your employees have modern IT skills, enabling your business to thrive. Building a company culture focused on technical excellence and learning strengthens any modern business.

Strategies for Your Company’s Professional Development Program

Any upskilling program needs to focus on modernizing the skills of the company’s employees. It typically includes a robust training program that concentrates on earning relevant technical certifications. Incent your employees to take advantage of these training opportunities by offering some bonus for each certification earned. An extra day of PTO or even a gift card serves as an attractive encouragement for your staff.

Additionally, offer tuition reimbursement to employees wanting to advance their education, provided their degree holds relevance to their career. Requiring employees to stay with your company for a period of time also improves the company’s retention rate. This strategy results in a workforce with modern skills focused on taking your business to higher levels of success.

The Top Technology Enterprises Boast Strong Employee Upskilling Programs

Not surprisingly, many of the top technology companies in the world provide employees with significant upskilling programs. For example, Amazon’s Upskilling 2025 initiative invests $1.2 billion to provide training and tuition support to 300,000 employees. These opportunities are available to everyone, from warehouse workers to white-collar employees in corporate offices.

Salesforce serves as another example. The company’s internal Trailhead platform provides training resources free of charge to its employees. They even provide access to other workers looking to learn skills in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Google also deserves mention, with their Grow With Google program providing training to 3 million American workers since 2017. Smaller companies need to consider a similar approach as these tech behemoths, albeit at a greatly reduced scale. The benefits include more efficient operations, happier employees, and the ability to retain a talented workforce.

Looking To Grow Your Team?

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