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How to Master Your Sales Interview and Demonstrate Your Value

A top-shelf interview performance plays a crucial role in earning any coveted job offer, especially for a sales position. After all, sales interviews offer the unique opportunity to sell yourself as an effective and results-focused salesperson. Convincing the interviewer of your worth ultimately highlights your ability to do the same for a product or service.

With a goal of nailing your next sales interview, check out these insights on truly highlighting your value. Ultimately, use this information to highlight your skills in driving results and revenue. It’s the best way to keep your sales career on an upward path!

Research the Company and their Product Line Before the Interview

Before the interview, spend some time researching the company and their products. Having this knowledge at the front of your mind lets you ask a meaningful question or two when prompted. Using information about their products when asked about your previous successful sales techniques also highlights this extra research. All told it helps identify you as a top candidate worthy of an offer.

Use Facts and Figures to Support Your Successful Sales History

The professional history of any salesperson typically includes a variety of hard data detailing their previous sales performance. You likely reference this information on your résumé and even your cover letter. Expect to be asked a few pointed questions on this sales history, so don’t be shy about using data as support. In fact, leverage a similar technique when asked about selling the company’s products and services, as noted earlier.

A Sales Interview Provides an Opportunity to Sell Yourself

Interviewing for a sales position provides a unique opportunity not available to candidates for other types of jobs. In short, you get to use your sales skills to actually sell yourself to the interviewer. Use similar techniques, like providing detailed information about yourself, as you would for a product or service. Any sales interview highlights your skills in this area, like communicating clearly when using facts and figures.

At the End of the Interview: Close the Sale!

Any professional salesperson knows how to properly close the sale when meeting with a customer. Take a similar approach at the end of your sales interview. Summarize your skills, experience, and track record of sales success – using hard data – to close the deal! Also provide a great impression to the interviewer when leaving.

Find Your Next Sales Job

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