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The Future of Skilled Trades: Emerging Trends and Skills in Demand

Businesses relying on talented and experienced professionals in the skilled trades need to adopt a proactive staffing approach. Part of this strategy includes staying abreast of the latest hiring trends in the field. At the same time, knowing the skills currently in high demand informs your organization’s staffing strategies for 2024.

With the goal of providing your business with talent, let’s explore the future of the skilled trades job market. Use these insights as part of a strategic approach to meeting your hiring needs now and in the future. An evolving job market ultimately requires your business to be proactive in sourcing the workers it needs.

Emerging Trends in the Skilled Trades

Here are some of the most critical industry trends affecting the skill trades job market. Leverage these insights when developing an ideal candidate profile before your next hiring effort.

  • Increased Integration of Technology: Not surprisingly, the skills trade world is currently undergoing a digital transformation. In fact, this increased reliance on technology is not dissimilar to the rest of the business world. Expect robotics, automation, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to have a significant impact on the skilled trades. Keep this in mind when writing your job descriptions.
  • A Shortage of Skilled Workers: The National Association of Manufacturers is predicting a critical shortage of skilled workers. As a result of their research, they forecast a gap of 2.4 million workers by 2028. As a result, demand for talent in this area is expected to increase significantly.
  • An Increase in New Entrepreneurs in the Skilled Trades: Many workers in the skilled trades boast a strong entrepreneurial spirit, forming businesses instead of working for existing companies. Increased competition for skilled talent is one expectation as these new businesses expand.

The Modern Skilled Trades Professional Needs Digital Skills

With technology integration now a big trend in manufacturing, skilled workers need strong digital abilities. This includes everything from computer skills to being familiar with the IIoT, robotics, and automation. A survey from the National Electrical Contractors Association reveals the importance of this emerging trend. 90 percent of all electrical contractors feel digital skills are necessary for success within the next five years.

This fact alone requires employers in this area to be proactive in addressing any technology skills gap. Either provide training to upskill current workers or invest in your staffing process to find candidates with technology experience.

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