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Evaluating Non-Technical Skills in Technology Roles

When hiring technology talent, you obviously want candidates possessing relevant experience with the latest technology skills. At the same time, businesses increasingly look for tech pros with meaningful soft skills, including communication and teamwork. However, evaluating these non-technical abilities remains somewhat difficult for hiring managers, especially compared to having tangible experience and/or certifications.

With the goal of making the right hiring decision, check out these ideas on vetting soft skills in candidates. Use these insights for a more informed process of rating a candidate’s full range of abilities. As a result, expect to onboard a new employee with the right mix of talent.

Communication Skills are Easier to Identify

Recruiters and hiring managers generally find it easier to determine a candidate’s verbal and written communication skills. Verbal communication chops are obviously important when considering the interaction between tech professionals and clients and other stakeholders. Written skills come into play as well, especially when communicating over email or text.

As such, you need to pay close attention to a candidate’s cover letter early in the hiring process. Look for a well-written and personalized letter, without the unstructured word salad typical of ChatGPT or other GenAI tools. The interview obviously provides the best opportunity to vet a candidate’s verbal communication. Ask open-ended questions to give candidates a chance to deeply explain their tangible work experience and skill set.

Determining an Affinity for Teamwork

Of course, teamwork remains critical for modern technology employers, especially those using DevOps as a methodology. Obviously, the verbal communication ability noted earlier becomes important in this type of work environment. On their résumé, look for evidence of experience in a DevOps or Agile shop. Ask them to expound on this background and their feelings on teamwork during the interview.

Flexibility and a Desire for Professional Development

Successful tech professionals tend to be flexible, while always wanting to learn the latest technology innovations. Not surprisingly, companies value these somewhat related traits in their employees. When analyzing a candidate’s résumé, look for a broad range of relevant technical skills. Possessing a robust collection of current technical certifications also serves as a good sign.

During the interview, ask pointed questions about their flexibility and desire for professional development. In the end, your company benefits from employing IT professionals who simply love to learn.

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