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Seven Characteristics to Look for in Engineering Candidates

Building a talented and productive team is the goal of any engineering manager. Sometimes finding the candidates able to make a positive difference for your firm can be a daunting task. With finding the best and brightest in mind, here are seven positive traits you want engineers hoping to work for your company to possess.

Let’s take a closer look.

Technical Ability

While technical skill is not the only trait possessed by truly great engineers, all professionals in the discipline need engineering acumen. If a candidate is fresh out of school, pay attention to their classroom performance. Experienced engineers need to illustrate practical examples of these abilities on their résumé and during an interview.

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate with their co-workers, superiors, and clients is vital for engineers, especially in this collaborative era of Agile and DevOps. While verbal communication is important for meetings and day-to-day interactions, quality written communication is also necessary when producing engineering documentation of all types.

Credibility and Character

Honest employees with character are important for the overall reputation of your company. Make it a point to thoroughly vet the educational and employment histories of any engineering candidates who want to work at your firm. Don’t let your company’s standing take a hit!


The best engineers possess an intellectual discipline manifesting itself in how well they organize everything from their workspace to their engineering deliverables. Be sure to direct some interview questions towards how well a candidate organizes their professional life.

Professional Contacts

If you are interviewing for a sales engineering position, an experienced professional needs a robust collection of professional contacts. Analyze the candidate’s LinkedIn account and Twitter connection to get a feel for the scope of their professional reputation.

Strength and Perseverance

Engineering is a difficult profession with many twists and turns when it comes to completing projects successfully. The best engineers possess an inner strength that allows them to remain focused on a project even when things aren’t going well. Pay attention to a candidate’s professional history to find examples of their perseverance.

Business Acumen

While technical ability is a vital trait for an engineer, a deep understanding of business principles helps to identify the true stars of the profession. Make it a point to take note of a candidate’s business acumen throughout their work history. An MBA in their educational background is a good sign.

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