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How Are Millennials Transforming Engineering? Everything You Need to Know

The millennial generation continues to make an impact in a variety of business sectors. This includes technology as well as engineering. Millennials provide a different outlook compared to older generations, and your organization needs a new approach when it comes to their management.

Let’s look more closely at the transformational nature of millennial engineers. Leverage these insights to ensure your company is able to benefit from their unique talents. A keen understanding also helps retain their services over the long haul.

A Desire to Lead Other Engineers

Millennials bring a strong desire for leadership to the engineering workplace. Be prepared to give these workers a chance to display their management acumen. As more Generation Z graduates become engineers, millennials are a perfect choice to lead this new talent.

If your company provides a career ladder into a managerial role, you stand a better chance of keeping millennials professionally satisfied. Engineering organizations need to provide a robust training program as well as other perks like tuition reimbursement. This helps your company attract and retain millennial engineering talent.

Technology Processes Are Second Nature to Millennials

Millennials are especially suited for reengineering processes for improved efficiency and productivity. As a generation that grew up around computers and smartphones, technology is second nature to them. Expect them to champion the use of automation, AI and machine learning to transform the processes at any organization where they are employed.

Kathie Karls-Bilski, HR director for 3M Supply Chain commented on the impact of millennials in manufacturing. These same concepts apply to engineering.

“Millennials have already started changing the manufacturing and supply chains — and for the better. Their ability to transform organizations’ slow processes into fast, effective business success will help manufacturing and supply chain grow for years to come,” commented Karls-Bilski.

Searching for the Latest Innovations

A hope for the chance to innovate is a typical trait of a millennial engineer. They are less risk-averse than older generations. Any engineering company depends on innovative ideas for growth and success, and employing a large number of younger workers plays a key role in fostering this kind of innovation.

Ultimately, your company needs to focus on building the kind of organizational culture that gives your millennial engineers a chance to lead and innovate.

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