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Five Ways to Retain Your Engineering Staff

Keeping a high retention rate plays a key role in the success of any organization, especially in the competitive world of engineering. When considering the costs of the hiring process, ensuring your current staff remain professionally satisfied is vital. In short, you need to sure your engineering office is the “place to be” for technical professionals of any generation.

What follows are a few ideas on how to best retain your engineering talent. Leverage these insights to ensure your team stays engaged, productive and on board.

A Positive Company Culture

Nurturing a welcoming office culture at your engineering company helps you attract talented professionals. It also boosts the organizational retention rate. Offering flexible work hours, a chance to participate in charitable activities and an open communication policy are all valid ways to build the right positive culture.

A Career Ladder to Success

Engineering talent wants the opportunity to keep their career on an upwards track. Your organization needs to provide this career ladder by offering interesting project work and the chance to earn more responsibility. Tuition reimbursement as an additional perk is another must, along with a policy that requires employees who get reimbursed to stay with your company for a period after their graduation.

A Robust Compensation Package

Rest assured your engineering employees fully understand the average salaries in your region. You need to make sure the company’s pay and benefits package matches the average at a minimum. Of course, we already talked about how including tuition reimbursement as a benefit directly relates to a boost in employee retention.

A Well-Trained Managerial Staff

Your managers also play an important role in improving employee morale as well as your retention rate. Ensure the company’s managerial staff receives the right training, especially in modern Agile methodologies which hold relevance and value outside of the IT world. This gives them the right skills and background to ensure your engineers contribute to the success of your company while also building their careers.

Promote Teamwork Instead of Competition

A key tenet of Agile and DevOps is a focus on teamwork and collaboration. Your company needs to champion these traits in its work and managerial spirit. This emphasis makes your office a place where the top engineers want to work, while your current employees never want to leave.

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