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Is Your Top Candidate a Good Fit For Your Company Culture?

Your team executed the company’s staffing plan to perfection; identifying a top candidate with the skills and experience that meet the organizational need. But are they a fit with your office culture? It’s an important issue, as cultural fit contributes greatly to employee morale and retention.

Ultimately, analyzing a candidate’s cultural fit needs to be part of your company’s hiring process. Let’s look more closely at a few ways to answer this question. After all, making the best possible hire is the goal of any organization’s staffing investment.

Advertising the Company Culture

Make it a point to publicize the organization’s culture as a means of filtering out candidates with a poor fit. The hope is a significant number simply won’t apply for a position that isn’t a good cultural match.

A section on the corporate website is one way to accomplish this task, as well as including some verbiage in the job ad. Additionally, any charitable activities in the public eye serve to get the word out about the company’s mission and overall approach.

Assessing the Cultural Fit of your Candidates

Even when advertising the company culture, analyzing the cultural fit of your candidates is an essential part of the hiring process. Be sure to add a section to the company’s staffing plan covering this topic. Everyone involved in vetting and interviewing candidates needs to be on the same page.

Make it a point to look at the companies where they previously worked. If you are aware that those employers are similar to your company from a cultural standpoint, highlight this fact. Use this information for the candidates good enough to make it to the interview stage.

Frame a few questions during the interview on culture. Ask about their previous employers, the typical project work, and office environment. Pay close attention to the candidate’s body language when they are answering these questions. The important thing is determining the kinds of culture where they were successful.

Also, if they ask a meaningful question or two about your company culture and office environment when prompted, this is a good sign the issue is important to them. An open-ended discussion on the topic likely offers keen insights into their ultimate cultural fit.

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