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How Creating Remote Work Opportunities Helps Your Business Land Better Talent

The facts are simple. The economy is still growing like gangbusters, with a historically low unemployment rate as a result. This competitive environment for talent makes it paramount for IT companies to stand out from the pack to make their recruiting efforts fruitful.

Offering a welcoming office culture with meaningful perks, like telecommuting and flexible scheduling, is essential when competing for the best technology candidates. Here are a few insights on why this approach needs to be an important part of your company’s staffing plan.

Today’s Tech Worker Wants Telecommuting

The modern technology worker desires a meaningful balance between their personal and professional lives. This remains an overarching reason both telecommuting and flexible schedules are currently in vogue throughout the industry. Remember that top organizations in the IT world – those employing the most talented and productive employees – typically offer remote working as part of their benefits package.

When instituting a telecommuting policy, ensure your managers understand how to properly keep remote workers engaged. Making them feel truly a part of the team becomes essential. Additionally, note that some companies only allow telecommuting a few days per week keeping their staff largely local, while others employ workers located in different time zones or even continents.

Remote Workers Gives Your Company Access to Larger Talent Pool

Depending on the specifics of your company’s telecommuting approach, you might allow local employees to work from home a few days each week, as noted above. However, employing remote workers from all over the world truly increases the talent pool available to your organization. This is especially the case when looking for professionals with currently in-demand skills, like machine learning or information security.

When managing project teams located all over the world, your organization needs to rely on the right tools, including chatbots and other collaboration applications, like Slack. Once again, managers need to work a bit harder to ensure everyone stays on the same page throughout the project timeline. When following an Agile methodology, scheduling daily stand-ups when everyone is available to attend is also paramount.

Ultimately, giving your employees the ability to telecommute makes them happier, giving a boost to their productivity level. You also are able to attract better candidates, potentially located all over the world. It’s a staffing approach worth implementing.

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