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The Top Hiring and Recruiting Tactics Your Business Needs to be Using

It’s a competitive market for technology talent out there. A strong economy and low unemployment rate means talented and experienced IT professionals are worth their weight in gold. Your company needs to step up its recruiting game or risk being left behind by your competition.

With employing a strong tech talent pool in mind, here are a few tactics sure to improve your organization’s staffing process. Leverage these ideas to prevent a skills gap from causing your firm to miss out on new revenue opportunities.

Foster an Office Culture Attractive to the Top Technology Talent

Building a company able to attract the best technology professionals requires the right culture. This includes providing interesting project work using the latest tech innovations, as well as robust career development options, like a strong training program and tuition reimbursement. Perks like flexible schedules and the ability to telecommute also make it easier to both hire and retain top IT talent.

Streamline the Candidate Hiring Process

Strong competition means the best technology candidates are rarely on the market for more than two to three weeks. This means companies with a drawn-out staffing process likely end up finding their top choice no longer available whenever an offer is made. As such, streamlining your hiring process is vital.

Reducing the number of interviews, while leveraging an AI-powered candidate screening process helps shorten the time from announcing an opening to making that hire. Additionally, be sure to keep your candidates in the loop. Make the first contact with them quickly, and keep the communication channels open throughout the hiring process.

Don’t Forget About Passive Candidates

Sometimes the best technology professionals are the ones not actively looking for work. Use your professional network to recruit these passive candidates; employee referrals are another great source. Having a great company culture, that’s well known in the industry, helps convince these talented tech pros to join your operation.

Consider Freelance Technology Professionals

Hiring tech pros on a contract basis gives your company some flexibility in its staffing process. It also provides a great way to quickly close a technology skills gap. Additionally, you get to see how well they fit with your current employees before potentially extending them a permanent offer.

Find Top Talent Today

If you need advice on building a great IT team at your company, talk with the experts at Synerfac. As one of the top technical staffing agencies on the East Coast, we provide great candidates available for either contracts or permanent positions. Schedule a meeting with us soon!