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What to Look for When Hiring Recent College Graduates

The job market for talented technology professionals remains tight, as companies struggle to source certain in-demand tech roles. While the advent of remote working widens the candidate pool for many organizations, finding the right talent is tough. This is a reason why new colleges are a valuable source for companies who need an influx of tech pros.

However, hiring recent graduates without much IT experience requires a deft touch. With the hopes of making a successful hire, check out these insights on what attributes are desirable among technology grads. Leverage these insights to get the fresh talent your organization needs.

An Evidence of Teamwork

The days of the lone wolf programmer ended over a decade ago. In its wake, teamwork, and collaboration power today’s technology world, as evidenced by the popularity of Agile and DevOps. So when analyzing the résumé of a recent college graduate, look for evidence of teamwork. Additionally, frame a few interview questions on this topic to get a feel for a candidate’s affinity for collaboration. 

A Strong Work Ethic is Essential

Maintaining a high GPA while involved in various student activities reveals a college graduate with a great work ethic. This is especially the case if the candidate also held a part-time job and an internship. From their first day on the job until retirement, working hard pays dividends for any new IT professional. 

Analytical Chops are a Plus in IT

Recent tech graduates with critical thinking skills are highly desired among companies. In short, analytical abilities are important for being successful as a technology professional. So ask an interview question or two to vet a candidate’s abilities in this area.

Strong Communication Skills

Excellent communication abilities – both written and verbal – are an essential soft skill for any tech professional. When interviewing a college graduate, analyze the strength of their speaking abilities. Do they project confidence? Take a similar tack with their cover letter or any other available written material.

Technical Internship Experience

While many recent IT graduates boast no on-the-job technical experience, some enjoyed the opportunity to work as an intern. So keep an eye out for any internship experience when vetting candidates. Additionally, any work on open source projects is another plus for emerging software engineer professionals. 

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