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IT Job Descriptions — How to Attract Top Talent

In the competitive technology industry, where companies fight over the top IT talent, it is vital that your organization’s job ads attract qualified candidates. While SEO which stands for search engine optimization is an important term in the online publishing industry, it also holds relevance for recruiting top talent. The job descriptions in your ads need to leverage the right skills-based keywords to ensure they get noticed by the most candidates.

With that in mind, here are a few tips for focusing on skills in the job descriptions in your company’s job postings.

Better Job Descriptions Help You Find More Qualified Candidates

When it comes time to write a new job posting, make it a point to create job descriptions that emphasize the needed skills for the position. As an example, a job description for an iOS developer position should reference Objective-C and Swift the primary programming languages for the iOS platform, as well as Xcode, which is the integrated development environment (IDE) programmers use to write iOS and Mac OS X apps.

While most programmers assume that Objective-C is a requirement for an iOS developer position, explicitly stating that keyword in the posting helps boost its online visibility, so more programmers searching for jobs requiring that skill will find your ad. This applies to the names of programming languages, database engines, operating systems, and more.

Exciting Job Postings Also Make a Difference

In addition to placing emphasis on the required skills for a position, take extra care to author job postings that are well-written and exciting. A compelling job description prioritizing the tools needed for the position, while also highlighting your organization’s corporate culture, will go a long way in attracting the best technical talent to your company.

Supercharge Your Hiring

In short, writing top notch job postings that explicitly state the skills needed for the position, helps ensure your postings are seen by the area’s best IT workers. While job descriptions are extremely important, they are only one piece of the hiring process puzzle. A reputable recruiting firm will also be able to provide direction, industry knowledge, and valuable services to help you manage your staffing and recruiting initiatives. Your recruiting partner will base their recruiting efforts on your job description to find you the perfect talent for the position.

If your organization needs any additional insight on building a top-notch technology team, talk to the experts at Synerfac Technical Staffing. As one of the top IT staffing agencies in the country, we offer the right mixture of business insight and quality candidates to ensure your company’s present and future success.

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